Established: 1994

Govt., Regd. No.: 306/98
Founder's Message

The society has established a Research and Development (R&D) Center to cater its services to the society utilizing latest and advanced methodologies. For more details of the center and its activities please click on its link button.

Center for Socio-Economic Studies
Center for Socio-Economic Studies (CSES) Promotes utilization of technology for Socio Economic issues and provides Consultancy, Solutions and Services, Projects implementation, etc., to this effect.

The society is also engaged in organizing conferences / seminars / workshops. Please see below for details of each of the conferences organized and forthcoming conferences.


Conference 2017 Conference 2016 Conference 2011
Conference 2009 Conference 2004 Workshop 2000


2019 Chalivendram 2018 Chalivendram 2017 Chalivendram
2016 Chalivendram 2015 Chalivendram 2014 Chalivendram
2013 Chalivendram 2012 Chalivendram 2011 Chalivendram
2010 Chalivendram 2009 Chalivendram 2008 Chalivendram

Scholarships for 2016-17 have been awarded already.

Welcome to National Socio-Economic Society !

Eminent people from different communities of the world (Academicians, Industrialists, Leaders of People in India and around the world) inspired us to serve the poor people in order to help Eradicate Poverty in India through Education, Culture and Development. The result of all of their inspiration is the foundation of this voluntary organization. The Founders and Committee thank all those who inspired and encouraged us to realize this organization.


The organization was established in March 1994 with a pledge to achieve several objectives, in order to ultimately help Eradicate Poverty in India. We believe that children are the building blocks of the society and education of children and youth is the ultimate means to eradicate poverty of at least the coming generations. However, Children, Women and Youth have potential Education, Social and Economic issues to be dealt with at front. Hence, we undertake all kinds of educational, cultural and developmental activities and projects to this effect in order to achieve our targets and goals.

The society has been registered with the government of India under the Societies Registration Act 1860, as "National Socio-Economic Society" for poverty eradication, also known as N.S.Society for brevity.

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